Mail In Details

From time to time, we will allow a "Mail In" Option when we are hosting a private signing. 

Essentially a "Mail In" option is when you mail in your item to us. If you select a mail in option for one of our signings, it is your responsibility to mail in the item to us. Each product listing will specify if we are allowing mail in options or not. If you select a different option that does not specify "Mail In" then we will provide the item for you and you do not mail anything into us. Below are some FAQ about Mail Ins.
Q: What is a Mail In Option?
A: Mail In option is when you will be allowed to mail in your own item.

Q: How will I know if a Mail In option is available?
A: We will specify if we are allowing Mail In's when we announce the presale on the website. 

Q: I'd like to Mail In my item but "Mail In" is not listed on the presale.
A: If a Mail In option is not specifically listed, then we are not accepting Mail Ins for that signing. 

Q: I have purchased a Mail In option on the website, when do I sent my item?
A: Each signing will list when we need the item by. We don't mind when you send it, as long as we have it by that date. You can send it a month in advance or the week before, it doesn't matter. We just need it by the listed date. 

Q: How should I mail the item?
A: We recommend you ship with Priority Mail. The reason for this is that Priority Mail is insured and USPS will cover costs if your item is damaged or goes missing. First Class mail does NOT include insurance. 

Q: Is Dark Parlor Originals responsible for damaged or lost items in shipment?
A: No, we are not. If your item is lost or damaged, it is the responsibility of USPS. This is why we recommend Priority Mail, so you have insurance to cover any damages or loss. 

Q: How should I sent my item?
A: Please send your item with a Post-It note that has your full name and order number. Please ensure the name on the Post-It matches the name on the order. We suggest you do not use tape or anything else at it may damage the item. Post-It's will not damage an item. 

If mailing in a Funko Pop, please flatten the box out using the creases already in the box. Please do not send us the toy, you can hold onto that. If your item has an existing COA, please keep a hold of the COA card, do not send that to us. 

We suggest packing your item up securely using cardboard and padded envelopes. 

Q: Where do I sent my item to?
A: Please mail your item to:
(Note: Send via USPS, FedEx or UPS do NOT ship to PO Boxes.)

Michael Gray
PO Box 690369
Orlando, FL 32869

Q: How will my item be sent back to me?
A: We will ship your item back to you once it has been signed. We will include a DPO COA along with your item. (Leave a note at checkout if you do not want our COA.)

Q: How do I pay for shipping to get my item back?
A: When you purchase the Mail In option on our website, you are charged shipping. This shipping cost is what we will use to ship your item back to you. Again, we suggest you choose priority shipping as it includes insurance. Once the item ships, you will receive a tracking email with tracking details. 

Q: If my item arrives damaged or goes missing, who should I contact?
USPS. Once your item is sent out from us to you, it is no longer our responsibility. We will handle your item with care while we have it and will package it securely. However if your item goes missing in shipment, it is the responsibility of USPS to get your item back to you safely. 

**Again, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items that are damaged in the shipping process. To protect yourself, please purchase insurance or use Priority Shipping as this includes insurance. First Class mail does not include insurance. USPS will not cover costs for damaged or missing items if you do not have insurance.