Add Signature to Cast Piece


If you are interested in one of our upcoming signings and notice we have an item that was previously signed and you would like to add the signature to that item, here are the steps. The example we are using below is adding a Sean Astin signature to an mini-poster that was already signed by Jeff Cohen or 'Chunk'.

STEP 1: Add the item you would like the signature added to, into your shopping cart. In this example, we have added the 'Goonies' mini movie poster that was signed previously. 

STEP 2: Go to the "Mail In Option" section of our website and add the actor you would like to have added to the item. In this case, we have selected the "Sean Astin Mail In Option". You can also add personalization or character name options if these are available. This would only be available for the actor who is adding their signature to the poster. 

STEP 3: Leave us a note at checkout and let us know you would like to add Sean to the already signed poster. Feel free to leave any other notes such as pen color or signature placement. 

Note that although you are using the Mail In option when placing the order, there is no need to mail us an item since we already have the piece here. When you place your order, we will take the item out of our inventory and set it to the side for you. We will label it and once it's been signed with the additional signature, we will ship your order out to you! If you have an additional item you need signed in your possession, please send that to us. 

IMPORTANT: It's important to make sure you place an order with both the item and the signature you are adding onto the same order. If you place separate orders, we will not know you are looking to add the signature the already signed item. It will also be very likely your item will ship out to you soon after it is placed, without the additional signature. Please make sure the autograph and signed item are in the same cart and on the same order. Below is an example of what your cart should look like. 

If you have any questions. Please send us a message and we will be happy to assist.