Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: Are your Funko Pop boxes guaranteed to be mint?
A: This answer will depend on your definition of "mint". We do remove the Pops from their boxes for these signings, so for some people this immediately means they are not mint. Once removed, the boxes are flattened out and transported to the signing. Once at the signing, they are usually passed around the room to be signed, authenticated and boxed back up. After the signing, we transport them back to our location to put the figure back inside and prepare for shipping. 

We take very good care of these boxes and understand how important it is that they stay are mint as possible. We can't guarantee the box won't have minor dings or tears but we do check each box for major damage and try our absolute best to ensure they are in the best condition possible. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We do! We ship worldwide. The shipping rate will vary, depending on the location, shipping service and the item. The shipping cost will be available at checkout. International orders may be subject to customs fees that are required by your home country. These fees will vary from country to country and are usually due before your shipment will be delivered. If custom charges are due, you will receive a notice before your item arrives. 

Q: What type of pen do you use for your signings?
A: For Pops, we use a combination of Deco or Sharpie Paint Pen. 

Q: Do you offer Personalization?
A: Unfortunately we do not. A lot of times when we do a signing, it is for bulk amount and it would be difficult to ask the person to sign with hundreds of different names. It would also be difficult to match the item with the correct shipment. 

Q: Do you offer inscriptions?
A: Inscriptions are sometimes available but not all the time. They are available if the person who is signing the items agrees to do inscriptions. If an inscription option is available for a specific signing, we will list the option on the product page. 

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: All of our sales for a presale are final. In most cases, we have to guarantee a certain number of items for our signings. If you purchase a presale, we are including your presale in that count. If an advertised signing is cancelled, you will be issued a refund automatically. 

Q: How do you ship your Funko Pops?
A: All of the Funko Pops are shipped in a standard, .5mm soft protector. They are wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped inside a small box with fragile stickers on the side. Funko Pop stacks are available for an additional fee and your Pop will ship inside the stack. 

Q: Do you offer a Certificate of Authenticity?
A: All of our items ship with a Certificate of Authenticity. As of December 2020 we have started using JSA Authentication. 

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Because our business is built around presales, we usually ship a few months after an order is placed. Each of our product pages list what the estimated shipping time frame is. Of course, due to scheduling conflicts and other reasons, these signings may get reschedule in which case, we will have to reschedule the shipping time. Any changes to our shipping timeline and we will send out an email to update everyone. If an item is in stock and available now, we try to get all orders out within 24-48 hours. 

Q: My item was damaged/lost in the mail, what do I do?
A: We have had instances where items will arrived damaged. Although it rarely happens, it does happen from time to time. Usually any damage to an item is during the shipping process. We check the Funko Pops for damage before we send them out. If an item arrives damaged, please email us and we will follow up with USPS to see if the package is insured. We will try to do our best, (if possible) to replace a damaged item, but we don't always have the inventory available to do so. We recommend using priority shipping for your item as priority shipping includes shipping insurance and will cover lost/damage packages. If you chose first class shipping, you will save a few dollars but you will not have shipping insurance included. 

 Q: My package shows as "delivered" but it is not here. What should I do?
If your package shows as delivered and it is not there, the first thing to do is call your local Post Office to let them know there is an issue. USPS or UPS can track where items have been scanned and will help you locate your package. If they can't help you, please file a missing package complaint and email us with your confirmation number. Most times packages are accidently delivered to a neighbors house or placed in the wrong mail box and are usually located.