Missing Package


If the tracking for your order shows as delivered, but the package is not at your door or in your mail box... here are steps to take to try and retrieve it. 

1. CHECK WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS - 99% of the time a package is not where it should be, it's with the neighbor. Check next door to see if the package is there. Mail carriers sometimes make mistakes and leave it at the wrong door. If you live in a neighborhood or apartment complex with a community mailbox, it may be in the wrong parcel locker. When packages are misplaced, they are usually recovered pretty quickly. 

If you have a community Facebook Group or other online group you share with the neighborhood, post something to let everyone know your package has been mis-delivered. 

2. ASK THE MAIL CARRIER/UPS DRIVER - If you see the delivery carrier making other deliveries, stop and ask them if they have seen your order. Let them know your package was delivered but it is not there, they may remember where they placed it. 

3. CALL THE POST OFFICE OR UPS - Call the Post Office or UPS to let them know your package shows as delivered but it is not there. USPS and UPS have access to information that tells them exactly where a package was scanned as delivered. They can trace where your package was scanned and can tell you exactly where it was scanned. If you call the Post Office, ask to speak with the Post Master or supervisor directly, they are more likely to assist and help you find the package. 

4. FILE A MISSING PACKAGE REPORT - If all else fails and you can't locate your package, please file a missing package report with UPS or USPS and let them know your package is missing. Once you file this request, follow up with us and send us the reference number to the missing package case.